Violet Richardson Award

Violet Richardson Award

VRAThe Violet Richardson Award is a recognition program for young women ages 14-17 engaged in volunteer action within their communities or schools. The award is given to young women whose volunteer activities make the community and world a better place. Volunteer actions that benefit women and girls are of particular interest. The award is based solely on her volunteer work and not academic achievement.

The award is in honor of the president of the first Soroptimist Club, Violet Richardson, a woman of action, whose spirit and sense of personal responsibility were demonstrated by her lifelong commitment to volunteering in her community.

The program begins at the club level, where award amounts vary. Local winners then become eligible to receive a Region funded region level award of $400.  An additional $100 is given in her honor to the organization where she is most active as a volunteer. Deadline for clubs to submit their nominee to region is February 15. For more information:

Gail Kelley
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